IP (Intellectual Property)
16bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Higher accuracy
  • Second-oder noise shaping
  • Low-voltage & Low-power consumption
  • Low cost CMOS technology
  • Selectable gain: 4 gain
4-clock Turbo i8051(8-bit MCU)
  • Compatible with industry standard 805x: Standard 8051(MCS-51) instruction set
  • High speed architecture: 4-clock/instruction cycle
  • 2.5X average improvement in instruction execution time over the standard 8051
  • Runs DC to 25MHz clock(25MHz operation requires target technology of 0.5-micron or less)
  • Parameterized data RAM size
  • Parameterized on-chip program ROM address size
  • Simple integration of user defined peripherals through Special Function Register(SFR) interface
  • High-speed memory interface with 16-bit address bus
  • Control signals to support standard 8051 port modules
  • Fully static synchronous design
  • Supports industry standard compilers, assemblers, emulators, and ROM monitors
  • Verilog source code available
ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product)
DPM6020 - PEM(Power Energy Metering) IC
  • The PEM supplies average real power and instantaneous real power
  • The logic output can be used to indicate a potential miswiring or negative power
  • Proprietary ADCs and DSP provide high accuracy over large variations in environmental conditions and time
  • Two 16bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Reference Voltage: 2.4v
  • Power On Reset, Low Voltage Detector
  • Digital Filter (HPF, LPF)
  • Multiplier, Digital to Frequency
  • Fully static synchronous design
  • Low cost CMOS process
3D Touch Sense MCU
  • The 3D Touch Sense MCU is Cortex-M0, high performance and low cost 3D touch controller
  • It is designed with 32-bit RISC architechture and has better performance than other 8/16bit architecture
  • It has special analog measurement block inside which was design for capacitance measuring purpose
  • 32bit CORTEX-M0
  • 16bit Sigma-Delta CDC/Sinc3 filter
  • 8-channel Capacitive inputs multiplexed to Modulator
  • 64K-byte EEPROM for program memory
  • On-chip peripherals
  • - Precision Reference
  • - On-chip Precision OSC
  • - Low-Power OSC
  • - 32/16bit Timer
  • - I2C, SPI
  • - Power On Reset, Low Voltage Flag
  • Low cost CMOS process